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Safety Flooring

Outdoor environment is rough and abrasive. Therefore, our outdoor safety flooring is designed to prevent any kind of physical damage to the existing flooring as well as prevent any kind of slips and falls. Our rubber safety flooring acts as a strong and resilient barrier between heavy weights and delicate flooring. Our wet room flooring range is highly slip-resistant, resilient and prevents any kind of injuries that might happen in the water ridden and moisture prone areas like playgrounds. Our Safety flooring manufactured from heavy duty recycled rubber is cost-efficient means of preventing any damage to your floors.

  • Outdoor Safety Mats

    Outdoor Safety Mats

    Playground injuries are quite common due to the slips and falls. To prevent these, we offer you an exclusive range of outdoor safety mats for playgrounds which are uniquely manufactured and designed to prevent any kind of slips and falls. It is essential to have the outdoor rubber safety mats in place because they have strong shock absorbing and water resistant qualities. In addition to this, outdoor safety mats offer comfort, durability and easy installation solutions. Our outdoor rubber matting range can easily endure all the outdoor conditions and is available at affordable prices.

  • Playground Safety Mats

    Playground Safety Mats

    Standard concrete playground flooring does not offer the safety and protection which is offered by our playground safety mats. Therefore, we provide you with a non-slip playground safety matting range which causes a marked decrease in likelihood of any kind of slips or injuries. Our playground rubber mats gives optimal performance in wet weather by remaining non-slip and porous to allow quick and easy water drainage. Playground safety tiles are shock absorbing, durable, resilient and are ideal for the heavy impact areas. Due to UV protective coating, our tiles and mats always remain as good as new. Our playground safety mats are easy to install maintain and fix available at pocket friendly rates.

  • Industrial Safety Mats

    Industrial Safety Mats

    Industrial flooring is highly vulnerable to damage due to chemical spills or fall of heavy machinery. Our industrial safety mats are designed to give ultimate protection to your flooring and adds to its durability. Our safety mats are ideally suited to meet the requirements of the challenging functioning conditions of the industrial environment. We manufacture industrial rubber flooring from heavy duty recycled Grade A rubber which is shock absorbent. All our industrial matting range is durable, resilient, slip-resistant and possess anti-fatigue qualities which gives you outstanding comfort while walking. Our industrial safety mats provides a seamless flooring experience which makes your industrial flooring user-friendly allowing easy cleaning and maintenance while ensuring completely hygienic environment.

  • Non Slip Flooring

    Non Slip Flooring

    Non-slip flooring is crucial for many of the commercial applications. The prevention of accidents slips and falls largely depends on the type of flooring. We offer you an exquisite range of non-slip rubber matting which is distinctively created from the heavy duty recycled rubber. Our non-slip floor tiles not only offer complete safety against slips and falls but also offer outstanding flexibility as these tiles can be laid to cover up any size of space. The anti-slip flooring is available in wide array of choices, types and colours to fit your requirements. Our non-slip flooring is slip-resistant, anti-fatigue, durable and resilient.

  • Non Slip Decking

    Non Slip Decking

    Slippery decks can cause serious injuries, slips and falls. Our anti-slip decking range is exclusively designed for using in the urban environment such as schools, hospitals, commercial industries etc. Our non-slip rubber matting is comprehensively slip-resistant, anti-fatigue, shock absorbent as well as protects your deck floors from any potential harm. The highly flexible and elastic nature of our nonslip decking allows their easy fixing, installation and management.  Our non slip mat for decking offers brilliant safety and comfort for extensive array of settings. These mats are available in wide assortment of patterns, designs and colour variations to match your requirements.