Rubber Flooring

What is rubber flooring used for?
It is used for places where a lot of people pass by since it can withstand heavy foot traffic each day. Also, it is water-resistant so nothing will happen to it when it gets wet. That is a big advantage since you never know when accidents may happen and some beverages can spill to your floor. In places where there a lot of people, some strangers can bump into each other then each can spill his coffee. That is a shame but nobody will probably bother to clean the mess up. The moisture will be there and everyone will avoid it.

Is rubber flooring safe?
Researchers have found some volatile chemicals in rubber flooring but there isn’t a big quantity anyway. Therefore, they conclude that rubber flooring is completely safe. When someone gets sick after living on rubber flooring, it is not the fault of the flooring so you can’t blame it on that. You can blame it on the person’s low immune system. The truth about chemicals is that they are only dangerous when there are many of them. When there are only a few, you can rest easy knowing you have a pretty safe rubber flooring. In fact, you can boast about how safe it is to your neighbors. It won’t be long before they will get encouraged to also get one. Of course, it is going to take long to have it installed but it is pretty much worth it.

What is rubber flooring made of?
It is either made out of recycled tires or natural tree rubber. Due to how durable rubber is, rubber flooring owners won’t have to worry about buying another until a few decades later. That is assuming it is properly taken care of with the right cleaning materials. Of course, it would be proper to avoid hazardous materials for the sake of your health. That will certainly not be good for the people who are always around that area.

How much does it cost to install rubber flooring?
For a 144 square foot room, the average cost to installer rubber flooring would be $144. Believe it or not, that would be cheaper than the other flooring types even if you set out and compare them. Yes, it would indeed be better to save money when purchasing flooring since you would need to purchase a lot of other things for your home. Furthermore, it costs about $2300 to lay which is significantly cheaper than hardwood flooring. Thus, you would really need to think a lot before deciding on what you want to have. It really depends on the factors you are looking to prioritize.

How long does rubber flooring last?
If the rubber flooring is taken good care of, it is expected to last a minimum of 20 years. It could a bit more than that even in places where there is high foot traffic. Another advantage of this flooring type is that it is low maintenance. Thus, it does not need as much care as the other types. Of course, you should never forget to clean it regularly using the proper cleaning methods for it. If you don’t know the proper way to clean it, you must research about it or ask the people you bought it from. They would be more than happy to help you.

Does rubber flooring absorb sound?
It is actually good at absorbing sound which is why it is usually put in places where a lot of people pass by. There tends to be a lot of noise in those areas so they won’t be heard that much in nearby places. Without the sound-absorbent feature of rubber flooring, it would get really noisy and a lot of people will file complaints. There may even be a few fights since some people can’t really stand loud noises. In fact, it is widely used in gyms where a lot of noises are also made especially during times when weightlifters manage to drop the barbells they are using. There is no doubt that is going to cause a shock to people who are sleeping nearby if the floor is not soundproof.